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Giuseppe Riccardi


Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi, PhD, is founder and director of the Signals and Interactive Systems Lab at University of Trento, Italy.

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    James Brusseau

    Visiting Professor, Pace University ( USA )

    Prof. James Brusseau is with the Pace University ( New York, USA ) and visiting Professor

    at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science ( University of Trento).

    Research interests: History of Philosophy/Ethics, Contemporary Continental, Philosophy/Ethics of AI




      Ritratto famiglia Ferrante ritratti 2019 (foto Daniele Panato/Agenzia Panato)

      Carmelo Ferrante

      Senior Research Engineer

      He is a Senior Research Engineer at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento, Italy, in the Signal and Interactive System Labs.

      He is the head of research and development in Blupixel IT Srl, a company that developed various products for web, mobile phones and social networks.

      He is expert in complex web programming, analytics and android applications, Forensic Computing and Cyber Security

      Research Interests: His current research interests at University of Trento are related to Spoken Dialog Systems, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding applied to fields like UX, UI, web and mobile phones application.

        Morena Danieli

        Morena Danieli

        Psychologist and Research Fellow

        Morena Danieli, PhD, is a computational linguist, and a neuropsychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice.

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          Mahed S. Mousavi

          PhD student

          After completing his Master of Science in Computer Science, Mahed is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at SISLab. He is interested in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, while his main research interest is Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue Systems. During his Master studies, he worked on several related projects including Question-Answering models for conversational agents, Response-Selection models grounded in external Knowledge, and task-based conversational assistants on different platforms.

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            Gabriel Roccabruna

            PhD Student


              Steve Azzolin

              Master Student

              Steve Azzolin is a Master's student in Artificial Intelligent Systems at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (University of Trento). He started with great interest in web development, but when he read an introductory book to Data Analytics he changed his goals. He started to study Machine Learning and to play with online challenges such as Kaggle.

              Being interested in a Ph.D., he joined the SISLab group to see what does doing research means.

              Personal page available at https://steveazzolin.github.io/


                Tommaso Ciulli





                  Juan Manuel Mayor Torres

                  University College Dublin (UCD)

                  He is a research associate interested in characterizing emotions, biological, and behavioral outcome measures using Deep Learning and generalize neural representations using Machine Learning methodologies and neural/semantic combined features.

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                    Giuliano Tortoreto


                    I still remember the day my primary school teacher told my mother: “Your son will never be good at school”.
                    I finished high school at the top of my class and went on to University to study CS. Instead of looking for a job, after my Bachelors I went on for a MSc in data science, where I attended Language Understanding Systems, the most difficult course I had ever taken.
                    Of course, I decided to write my dissertation on it and to do an internship in the lab that developed such systems. As you might have guessed, I love challenges.


                      Satoshi Nakamura

                      Nara Institute of Technology


                        Mirco Ravanelli

                        Mila - Université de Montréal


                          Korbinian Riedhammer

                          Technische Hochschule Nürnberg


                            Giulio Iacucci

                            University of Helsinki



                              Alessandro Tomasi

                              Alessandro Tomasi

                              Computer engineer

                              Veronica Rizzi

                              Veronica Rizzi

                              Computer engineer