Sebastian Bayerl

Sebastian Bayerl

I am currently a PhD Student at the Technische Hochschule Nuernberg cooperating with the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen (FAU). If you do not come from Germany it might confusing to have two alme matres but the university system here has 4 tiers. If you’re at one of the lower two tiers you have to work together with a university that belongs to the top two tiers.

I am interested in all kinds of speech and specifically speech recogniton related topics. My PhD project is about monitoring of pathological speech with a special regard to privacy. If you think you have something interesting or want to cooperate on a project just let me know. The topics I am most interested in random order are:

  • speech recognition
  • pathological speech
  • maschine learning
  • deep learning
  • software engineering for ML/DL applications

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