The Universities of Trento and Torino are looking for top international candidates for a funded interdisciplinary PhD (Medical Physiopathology) research fellowship.

The candidate will be working with an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers, psychologists and internal medicine physicians on an exciting research project titled “SEAL (Stress Analytics) YOUNG STUDY: Evaluation of the Role of Stress, dietary and lifestyle habits on Autonomic and Neuromediated Physiological Responses in young people with higher cardiovascular risk.

The project is part of ongoing research program aimed at training and developing personal healthcare digital agents led by the University of Trento at the Signals and Interactive Systems Lab.

For more details see https://sisl.disi.unitn.it/pha/

The collaboration between  the University of Torino and the University of Trento aims at training the next-generation of researchers and advance the field of technology-supported healthcare. It aims to combine experimental design in health sciences, human-computer interaction systems, signal processing and machine learning, with the goal of exploring how patient-centric technologies can be used to improve healthcare delivery and management.

Candidates may have diverse background but they should have experience in at least in one of the following areas covered:

- Biomedical and Health Informatics

- Clinical Psychology

- Biomedical Signal Processing

- Machine Learning

-Computational Linguistics


Visit lab website at https://sisl.disi.unitn.it/

The SIS Lab research is driven by interdisciplinary approach to research,  attracting researchers from  disciplines such as Digital Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Computational Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience and  Machine Learning.

The  official language of the department is English.



Gross amount of the PhD fellowships is circa 1.100 Euro/month.

Students may qualify for reduced campus lodging, transportation and cafeteria reduced rates.

For more information  the graduate education program please visit the graduate school website at   https://en.unito.it/postdegree/phd/medical-physiopathology



Deadline for application is June 20, 2016



Candidates should hold Master level degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering,

Computational Linguistics, Experimental Psychology or similar disciplines from a foreign institution.

Students with other background (Physics, Applied Math) may apply as well. Background in at least one of the posted research areas is  required. All applicants should have good very programming, math skills and used to teamwork.



Interested applicants should send their

1) CV

2) For PhD applications, statement of research interest and

3) three reference letters sent to:


Email: sisl-jobs@disi.unitn.it

In the subject mention the code PhD-UTOTN


For more info:

Signals and Interactive Systems Lab


PhD School : https://dott-fisiopatologia.campusnet.unito.it/do/home.pl

Department of Medical Sciences, University of Torino



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