In the SIS Lab we dream of creating conversational machines that can live up to humans’ expectations and benefit people. Our group’s research background spans electrical engineering, computer science, linguistics and psychology. We invite philosophers, digital anthropologists, medical doctors to challenge our views, our assumptions on the type of beneficial interactions humans and machines could unfold over time. The problems we want to crack cannot be solved by one single person, researcher or discipline because we are after problems whose solutions humans will benefit, and most often they turn out to be very complex. We collaborate nationally and internationally with universities, non-profit organizations, industries and startups. You can take a peek at some of the collaborations,  projects and research we have been carrying out in the past and more recently.

We are always  looking for students to carry out thesis/research projects:  we will show them the way to the numerous job opportunities in companies and startups in our large network.

We are looking for research assistants that would like to take a peek at what is so fascinating about  research in our field.

We are looking for PhD candidates that have set up their minds and would like to hear about research challenges and opportunities.

Some of the key phrases that represent ( in part ) our research are covered by

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  • Affective Computing.

If you are interested in a collaboration or  position in our lab please write to us :