Keynote @ Summer School in Granata on Conversational AI

Title:  Conversational AI to Benefit Individuals
Speaker: Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi, U. Trento
Most research in human-machine dialogue ( aka conversational AI) is  driven by the challenge of open-domain shallow and sometimes hallucinated conversations. The complex and multi-disciplinary research problem of designing , training and evaluating a conversational system is reduced to a) fine-tuning pre-trained  language models, b) coarse  evaluation of machine responses and c) poor management of the affective signals. In this talk we will review the current state-of-the-art in human-machine dialogue research and its limitations. We will present the most challenging frontiers of conversational AI when the objective is to create personal conversational systems that benefit the individuals. In this context we will report the latest research, experiments and evaluation of so-called personal healthcare agents supporting individuals and healthcare professionals.
Summer School :
Slides of the talks HERE

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