Seminar – May 24, 2022 @ 04:00 pm – The AI Human Condition

We are glad to announce the DISI Seminar “The AI Human Condition” to be held on 24 May at 4:30 pm.
Where: online on Zoom with projection of the speaker at Garda Room in Povo 1.
Speaker: James Brusseau - Philosophy Department, Pace University, New York City
Mandatory online registration by 23 May at 1 pm at 
The AI human condition is an ethical dilemma between authenticity and freedom. But, what does that mean for information engineers and computer scientists in the real world? To begin answering, we will follow contemporary technological case studies to their intersections with historical debates about human identity: Can I be fully described by my dataset, or does something always escape? Even if all my biological and psychological characteristics could be defined, do I really want to know who I authentically am? And, how free am I to change my identity through time? Do I remain basically the same person through the years, or can transformations in my decisions and purposes radically split me away from the person I was in the past? While these questions have been pursued for millennia, this presentation is about reimagining them today, in the language and context of advancing digital technologies.

Keywords: Ethics, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Human Identity

About the speaker
Professor Brusseau’s current theoretical work engages the human dilemmas of artificial intelligence, especially intersecting with privacy, authenticity, freedom, and personal identity. His current practical work concentrates in AI healthcare ethics.

Contact person: prof. Vincenzo D’Andrea (

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