Voice and Multimodal User Interface (CLOSED)

The Adaptive Multimodal Information and Interfaces Research Lab at University of Trento (Italy) Offers thesis in the following areas:
Voice and Multimodal User Interface

The Adaptive Multimodal Information and Interfaces (AMI2) research lab (casa.dit.unitn.it) pursues excellence research and teaching in information processing interfaces for human-machine and human-human communication. There have been many advances in the field speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis in the last decade. However, human-machine conversational system are still severely limited in the ability to understand and interact. The research challenge of the project is to investigate innovative multimodal interfaces that will be adaptive, affective, usable and knowledgeable.
The AMI2 lab has a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and collaborations with premiere international research centers and industry research labs.

The arguments of this thesis are:

Voice and Multimodal User Interface
Dialog Strategy
User Modeling
System Persona
Affective Interfaces
The candidates should have a background in computer science, cognitive science or related disciplines.
Interested students should send their CV and presentation letter to:
Prof. Giuseppe Riccadi riccardi[AT]dit[DOT]unitn[DOT]it

About University of Trento and Information and Communication Technology Department

The University of Trento is constantly ranked as premiere Italian graduate university institution (see www.dit.unitn.it).

ICT Department

ICT has a strong focus on interdisciplinarity with professors from different faculties of the University (Physical Science, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Social Science, Cognitive Science, Computer Science) with international background.
ICT aims at exploiting the complementary experiences present in the various research areas in order to develop innovative methods and technologies, applications and advanced services.
English is the official language.

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